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Some ideas on

how to help prevent

Canine Arthritis

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Prevention of Canine Arthritis from developing in senior Dogs
By: Tippy

Old age is impossible to prevent but there are things that
you can do that can prevent or at least postpone Canine
Arthritis from developing in your senior dog and to keep
your pet from suffering the pain associated with this
disease. Canine Arthritis can cripple your dog, so doing
what it takes early on to prevent this disease is essential
for allowing your dog to lead a full happy life.

Here are some easy to follow preventive measures that can
help stave off if not prevent Canine Arthritis:

An Active Pet is a Healthy Pet:

Keep your dog active. This helps to greatly diminish the
possibility of your dog developing Canine Arthritis. Regular
exercise that isn't strenuous but gets the blood pumping is
wonderful not only for your dog but for you too. Take
strolls around the park or play a game of fetch or Frisbee.
Exercise releases a lubricant in the joints that helps your
dog to move more freely.

Keep the Weight Off:

Dogs that are grossly overweight have a much higher chance
of developing Canine Arthritis. The extra weight puts a lot
of pressure on the dog's joints just in moving from one
place to another. This will eventually cause deterioration
of the cartilage in the joints.

Dogs that are within the right weight range for that dog's
height are a lot less likely to develop Canine Arthritis.
Dogs that are obese have been known to develop the disease
as early as five years of age.

Comfortable Living:

A dog that has a good dog bed that isn't in a place that is
drafty gets the rest it needs and will also not be tense or
developing aching joints. If a dog sleeps on a hard surface
and/or sleeps awkwardly it can put stress on the joints that
can bring on Canine Arthritis. There are plenty of oversize
pillows or dog beds that you can buy. Some have even been
made to match your decor so that the bed wouldn't be out of
place even next to your living room chair.

For a dog that is suffering from an advanced case of Canine
Arthritis you may want to look into getting an orthopedic
bed. This will help ease the joints while your dog sleeps.

Get the Food off of the Ground:

A dog that has to constantly dip its head to eat, especially
if it is a larger dog, can develop arthritis in its neck or
back. Raising your dog's food bowl off of the ground so it
is level with its mouth can help to relieve tension on the
joints. Eating out of a dog bowl on the floor can lead to
strain of the neck joints, and strain on the joints can
progress into Canine Arthritis.

There are special platforms that you can buy that have bowls
that set down into indentations so the pressure of the dog's
eating can't tip the bowl and spill the food or water. Or
you can use a stool, low chair or stair that will bring your
dog's bowl to a level where it can eat comfortably. The
optimum height for the food bowl is usually a couple of
inches below your dog's neck.

A dog in the later stages of Canine Arthritis may not be
able to dip its head at all, causing pain and frustration to
a dog that wants to eat.

Think Ahead:

Arthritis is a common disease in dogs. Doing some things to
help your dog get around will help your dog by easing the
strain on the joints now, which will help in the later
stages of the disease as well. For example, using a dog ramp
to help your dog get into your vehicle, or putting in ramps
to your home will lessen the impact on your dog's joints. Or
you can put a doggy lift in that will allow your dog to get
up and down without going up or down stairs.

By following these preventive measures your dog may never
develop Canine Arthritis. Remember, it is obesity, lack of
exercise or strenuous exercise and poor nutrition that
contribute to this particular disease.

Also, be sure never to allow your dog to run around outside
off of a leash where it can possibly be hit by a car. A
serious accident that affects the joints, muscles and bones
can later develop into Canine Arthritis. So take care of
your dog and be sure to keep it as healthy as possible so
you and your dog will lead a full, happy, active life.

Keeping your Dog as Healthy as Possible

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