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Canine Arthritis - Part 1
By: Tippy

Canine Arthritis and arthritis in humans is very similar.
Arthritis is a disease that causes stiffness of the muscles
and joints and often over time will lead to degeneration in
the affected areas.

Joints and muscles sustain damage from everyday wear and
tear, so the older the dog and the more strenuous its life
has been, the more likely it is for Arthritis to set in.
Some people believe that diet also plays a part in
vulnerability to Arthritis.

Arthritis is a common condition in dogs that are older, and
overweight dogs that are relatively inactive also have a
much higher chance of developing this disease.

There are different types of Canine Arthritis, but the most
common is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is caused by the
overuse of cartilage. Almost every senior dog will have some
trouble with Arthritis along with probable loss of vision
and hearing.

Younger dogs can also be affected by Canine Arthritis, and
in a young dog Arthritis is most likely caused by damage
from an old injury or accident. If a younger dog had severe
damage done to its legs the chances of it developing
Arthritis in its old age are considerably higher.

Disease and infections can also lead to Canine Arthritis as
a secondary symptom. Hip dysplasia is a common disease that
can cripple your dog with Arthritis.

Dogs that are affected by Arthritis can be in seriously
intense pain, especially if the Arthritis spreads to other
joints and muscles. The dog's pain may increase as the
condition persists, and the pain level may be affected by
temperature and barometric pressure.

You will need a veterinarian's help if your dog starts
suffering from arthritis pain. Arthritis limits mobility and
a dog in pain usually won't eat well, so proper treatment is
necessary so that your dog can still get around without pain
and not suffer consequences to its digestive and immune
system from inactivity.

Please see "Canine Arthritis - Part 2" for more information.

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