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Interesting Facts about the Chihuahua

- Chihuahuas are recognized as the smallest breed of dog in
the world.

- The Chihuahua's brain is the largest of any breed when
compared to the size of its body.

- The Chihuahua was considered sacred to the Aztec and
Toltec tribes of Mexico.

- The remains of Chihuahuas have been found buried with
ancient humans in Mexico and the United States.

- According to the AKC the Chihuahua dog is the 10th most
popular breed in the United States, with nearly thirty
thousand purebred Chihuahuas registered.

- A Chihuahua once adopted and nursed an entire litter of

- The "Taco Bell dog" is actually a female, an 8 lb
Chihuahua named Gidget.

- The breed is named after a state in México named

- No one actually knows the Chihuahua breed's true origins.

- Chihuahuas love to sunbathe.

- The largest litter a female Chihuahua has ever given birth
to was ten Chihuahua puppies. The Guinness book record for
the largest litter ever by any breed of dog is twenty-three
and is shared by an American Foxhound, Saint Bernard, and a
Great Dane.

- Although recognized as the smallest breed, the Guinness
Book of World records list a Yorkshire Terrier, not a
Chihuahua, as the single smallest living dog. The record
holder measured eight inches (twenty centimeters) long, four
and three quarter inches (twelve centimeters) to the
shoulder, and weighing in at one pound (four hundred and
fifty-three grams).

- Most Chihuahuas are born with floppy ears that stand up as
they get older.

- The first Chihuahua was registered by the AKC in 1904.

- Chihuahuas were used as hot packs in ancient times for
aches and pains.

- Chihuahuas snore!

- Chihuahuas come with both long and smooth coats.

Debatable "facts" about Chihuahuas that you can find online:

- Chihuahuas can cure asthma - We're not too sure where this
one came from, but if you don't believe that some actually
believe this to be true visit your local search engine and
search "Chihuahuas and Asthma."

- Chihuahuas may have been introduced to Mexico by the

- Chihuahuas were brought to Mexico by the Spaniards.

- The Chihuahua is considered to be the only breed of
domesticated dog truly indigenous to the American continent.
(There is no doubt they have been here the longest of all
the domesticated breeds.)

- Chihuahuas are the cutest dogs on the planet!! While we
think this should go above as "Fact", we realize not
everyone may agree.

Chihuahua Myths

- Teacup Chihuahuas are really small. WRONG, a Chihuahua is
a Chihuahua is a Chihuahua. There is no such thing as a
"miniature", "teacup", or "toy" Chihuahua only bigger or
smaller Chihuahuas.

- If you get a Chihuahua really worked up his eyes will fall
out. We assure you this is untrue, we have seen many excited
Chihuahuas and have never seen this happen.

- We've all heard the one about the vacationing couple who
buys a "Chihuahua puppy" only to get home and find out it's
a sewer rat. Anyone who loves Chihuahuas knows they are far
too cute for that!

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