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How to Find

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Christmas Holiday Presents for your Dog

The Christmas or Hanukah season is the time of year for the
giving of gifts to your family and friends. This of course
includes your beloved pets, especially man's best friend the
ever faithful dog. But what should you get your dog for the Christmas
Holidays? Here are some handy suggestions for you and your
pet for this gift-giving season.

How about getting him or her their own special dog bed for
those cold winter nights? A dog bed will lift your friend
off of the cold floor and away from drafts and give it its
own special place to lay its head. This can even help you if
your dog has a thing about sleeping in your bed. Giving the
dog its own bed can help with its dog training so that it has a
place to go when you tell it to get down off of your bed.

Another great holiday gift is a special dog treat. All dogs have
their own special treats that they love. Getting your dog
that giant package of liver snacks or jerky twists or a new
ball will put a happy grin on its adorable face.

You can also give it a treat that is also a chew toy, like
rawhide bones or pig's ears. These handy treats help with
teething and give the pup something else to gnaw on other
than your kitchen table leg.

Pet stores here in the United States even sell various sizes
of doggie Christmas stockings filled with doggie toys and
treats, so your pet can join in the Christmas stocking fun
if that tradition is part of your holiday celebration. Or
you could get your dog new dog dishes for its food and water
or even a new collar.

Some people like to dress up their dogs for Christmas and
there are plenty of outfits designed for dogs from which to
choose. Your pooch could be a jolly Santa or a cute elf.
It's all up to you.

But the best gift that you can give you dog is to spend time
with it. Dogs are man's best friend and prefer to be with
their masters. So some special "one on one time" with their
owner is the best gift that you can give your dog.

There are many good ideas of things that you can give your
dog for Christmas, but remember to make it something that
the dog would like, not what you would like. There are
plenty of gifts out there for your dog and you can now even
take your dog with you to some stores and let it pick out
its own gift.

So there is need to leave your dog out of the Holiday
Festivities. Happy Holidays!

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