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Cool Costumes to Dress up your Pet Pig

Believe it or not there is actually quite a bit of clothing
designed for pet pigs to wear, from simple warmers to actual full
outfits and even costumes. Most outfits consist of some kind of
drape that goes over the pig's back and then accessories to

The most common pet pig outfits are simple warmers that hook
around the pig's neck and around its girth behind its legs. These
are made from fleece or flannel and are practical, since pigs
have little hair. They are very warm to keep your piggy toasty in
cool weather. Pigs do not like cold, so if you live in a climate
where it gets cold you might consider getting one of these if you
take your pig for walks.

Other outfits are just for fun or going out on the town. There
are little outfits such as the "Native American" complete with
little bow and arrows. There are tuxes with little top hats.

You must consider though that if your pig is not used to wearing
outfits or harnesses they most likely will not welcome such until
you get them used to it. Train your pig to wear a harness or a
costume using positive reinforcement and by keeping the outfit on
for short periods making each time it wears it a little longer so
it get used to it slowly.

Remember that pigs do not like being restrained. In fact anytime
they feel like they are being in restrained it sparks an instinct
for them to flee or fight. This is because in the wild usually
whenever a pig is restrained it is because a predator is pinning
them down to eat them or an enemy has won a fight. So if your pig
freaks when you put something on it don't take it personally, it
is most likely because of this instinct.

Go slowly with your pet and let it get used to the idea of
wearing an outfit, continuing to provide good encouragement and
treats. Soon your pet will associate the outfit with good things
instead of bad things.

Sometimes dog outfits, if they are big enough, will work for your
pig. There is a very small selection of pig outfits available on
the internet. But of course you can make your own and get very
creative with it. After all who wouldn't like to see a pig going
Trick or Treating on Halloween?

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