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Some good guidance

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The word's out on keeping the cheerful little
Cricket as a personal Pet

Crickets are some of the most interesting insects to keep as
pets. The adult males will sing to you at night and there
are many legends that revolve around the cricket as
a good luck charm. Crickets have been kept as
pets for thousands of years and are probably the insect most
adaptable to living in captivity.

You can buy crickets at your local pet store, for they are
often raised and sold for food for other animals. Or, you
can have the adventure of catching one in your own backyard
or even in your own house if crickets are native to your

Once you have your cricket you will have to provide a
suitable home for it. You will need an aquarium with
ventilation and a tight fitting lid so that the cricket can
not hop out. If you live in a cold climate, keeping your
cricket warm will make it sing more and be more active.
Putting a heating pad under its pen should suffice.

A cricket should be exposed to at least sixteen hours of
sunlight or a special full-spectrum UVB light to simulate
sunlight. Even the nocturnal ones need sunlight. Keep
something like wood chips or foliage in its pen for the
cricket to hide under so that it can rest away from the sun.

You must also provide water for it. A water soaked cotton
pad in a jar lid is enough for the cricket to have an
adequate water supply, and it won't drown itself as it might
in a water dish. Wet the pad daily, and change the pad when
it gets dirty or if it starts to grow mold.

Crickets are omnivorous (eating both plants and animals)
like we are, so providing them with an adequate food supply
is absolutely necessary or they will eat each other. Apple
slices with rolled oats on them or carrots will keep them
happy, or you can buy commercial cricket food at most pet
stores. Dry cat or dog food is also good for them in
addition to their fresh fruits and vegetables two times per

If you want to breed the crickets, provide the female
cricket with a damp cotton or wool pad in a warm well
ventilated box, and change it twice a week until she lays
her eggs. Once she lays, don't disturb the pad. In a week or
two the eggs will hatch depending upon the temperature. The
babies and the adults can be kept in the same container
providing that there is enough food for them all, but if you
forget to feed them the adults may eat the babies.

Pet Crickets - what you should know

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