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Quick and Effective Dog Training Tips

Life with your favorite dog is just better when you are both
moving in tandem. The best way to get you and your dog on
the same page is with proper training. And, depending on the
type of training you are looking to do, your best bet is to
do good research and know what you are into beforehand. Here
are a few training tips to get you started.

1) Be Positive! - Dogs respond much better to positive
reinforcement than they do negative. Negative makes them
feel defensive and stressed. So instead of yelling at your
dog when he does something bad you should praise him when he
does something good for quicker results.

2) Potty Training - The most important part of potty
is taking your dog out regularly. Pay attention to
his body and what times of the day he usually goes and make
sure you are there to take him out. He will get the hang of
it much quicker if you are pro-active about it.

3) Leash Training - You should never allow the dog to lead
you. Dogs are pack animals and the one in the lead is the
alpha dog. If your dog believes he is the alpha instead of
you the result will not be good behavior.

4) Chewing - Chewing is a natural dog behavior, especially
for puppies. You will never completely eliminate this
behavior so you have to re-direct it. Make sure, if you have
a chewer on your hands, to provide lots of other options
besides your shoes and the couch. Get bones, toys and other
safe things for your dog to chew and when it gets a hold of
something prohibited, substitute one of its own toys.

5) Seek Help - No matter what kind of dog training you are
doing make sure you have all the resources before you get
started. Even if you plan to do the training yourself get a
book, read some websites or watch some YouTube video's to
get up to speed on the best methods.

A well trained dog is a lifelong companion. The road to get
there may seem a little frustrating at times but if you
follow these tips and take it one day at a time you are sure
to find success.

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