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Earth Dragons

Faithful Guardians

of the Earth

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Please note that we aren't personally acquainted with every
type of dragon, but we tell you here what we have heard from
others who have spent some time studying these creatures...

Earth Dragons are known as the guardians of the earth. If
you ever happen upon an Earth Dragon you are definitely
somewhere you shouldn't be. Following is a short discussion
on their habits and how to escape them.

Earth Dragons can be identified by the color of their
scales, which are all shades of green. They are fierce
fighters, although they usually do not blow any kind of
element from their mouths unless it's fire. It is not
usually recommended to discover what type of dragon it is by
getting close enough to see if it will blow fire at you.

Earth Dragons inhabit the deep, dark depths of the earth.
You might find them wrapped around all manner of valuable
and beautiful things and they collect all kinds of precious
metals from the earth, sometimes by digging it out
themselves. They appreciate any art form that has to do with
earth and sometimes will collect it too.

The more intelligent Earth Dragons will collect and store
vast amounts of treasure and decorate their homes with it.
Some even use their treasure as a bed. Many greedy people
have gone after an Earth Dragon just for its horde only to
end up as a snack for the Earth Dragon - they are not
squeamish about eating humans.

But most of the time an Earth Dragon simply sleeps. They
sleep so much that ages have gone by without their ever
waking up. Should you happen upon an Earth Dragon be
thankful if it is sleeping, and you may even be able to get
away with a few bits of treasure. But don't get too greedy,
for the Earth Dragon will wake up if they are shifted or
your scent begins to permeate their abode.

If you do happen to awaken an Earth Dragon the only thing
that you can do is bend over and say your goodbyes. For
there is nowhere that you can go or run fast enough to get
away from them unless you happen to have a handy transport
spell available.

So if you are going to go Questing for a horde of gold from
a dragon the Earth Dragon is a good choice - if you don't
wake the Earth Dragon up. If you are smart and not too
greedy there is a good chance that you will escape with your
life and possibly some gold as well.

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