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Fancy Guppies make Colorful Pets for your Aquarium
Lee Dobbins

As with many animal species, the male Fancy Guppies are more
beautiful than the female Fancy Guppies. Males come in a large
variety of bright colors, like red, gold, black, blue and green-
while females tend to only have gray or tan colors. These fish
look most beautiful in aquariums when you have several of them
to swim together.

Fancy Guppies like warmer aquarium waters. You should keep
your temperature set between 78 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit, and
consider adding a tablespoon of aquarium salt per 5 gallons of
water in the tank. Most livebearers Guppies fair better with
the salt added.

While Fancy Guppies can survive on just floating flake food and
freeze dried bloodworms, they will become stronger and hardier
if fed some frozen brine shrimp or Black Worms from time to

When you put Fancy Guppies into your aquarium, you’ll want to
keep twice as many females as male Fancy Guppies. You can add
other fish that are compatible, including Small Tetras (Neons),
Honey Gourami, Cory Catfish, Glass Fish, African Dwarf Frogs and
Ghost Shrimp.

Many stores will try to sell Mollies and Guppies together, but
most of the larger Mollies will attack Guppies and are not
really compatible in an aquarium together.

You do not want to keep Swordtails and Platies in a tank with
Fancy Guppies, either. They just do not get along. Guppies
should be placed into aquariums with smaller tank mates.

Fancy Guppies have a short lifespan of about 3 years. The
males grow to be about 2”, and females will grow a little
longer at an average of 2.5” long. Sometimes Fancy Guppies
will have a longer lifespan with outstanding aquarium care, and
there are even instances where the fish have gotten bigger than
their average sizes.

When acclimating your guppies to the fish tank, be sure to
float the bag they came in, in your fish tank water for 20
minutes then slowly introduce some of the fish tank water into
the bag -little by little before releasing them into the tank.
This will give your new fish the chance to adapt slowly to it's
new environment.

Lee Dobbins writes for  where you can learn more about
keeping a fish tank including which freshwater tropical fish
are best for your aquarium.

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