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Should You Feed

Canned Dog &

Cat Foods?


Peppy Pets
Feb. 26, 03

What's the Scoop on Canned Pet Foods?

We bet you didn't realize that the average moisture content on
canned cat & dog foods is from 74 to 80% which doesn't leave
at lot of room for real nutrition.

What that means is: for every single dollar you're
spending on canned pet foods, you're spending an
average of 80 cents for your pet.......
to get a canned drink of water!

Those big pet food manufacturers are making a killing
selling your pet water!!!

And that also means that there is only 20% left for actual

To find out more about holistic canned cat foods, please go here for this

Should I Be Feeding Canned Food?

Instinctive Choice Premium Canned Cat Food 


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Hi Guys, I tell my "kids" I love them on a frequent basis,
We have 3 wonderful and incredible cats their names are for
the boys are Scooter & Max and the "princess" of the clan is

David Thomas

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My rat Tager is my best friend. I got Tager when I went to
the pet store to get a gerbil but the store was out. Than I
looked a saw a really cut rat. I begged my mom for him
after a while she finally said yes. I think that I had a
better chance of getting him since my mom loves rats.

It's funny when we take him out since when we tickle him he
just falls to his back and than we tickle his belly!!!!!

We got his name by combining two of my moms and my favorite
animals. We got ta from tapir and the ger from a tiger.
Tager does not like the sticks you buy for their teeth. I
think its cute when he sits on his little igloo. We take him
out to run around every day. Tager likes to like me and my
mom. His favorite food is yogurt dips. Every morning he
gourmet meal which lasts him the whole day. He likes to lay
on this one book I have when he needs to rest. Tager is the
best rat ever!!!!!!!!!!!

Jon Fritzler

Myrtle & Maude

Three months after we adopted M&M my husband had seizure
from taking supplements. It was the middle of the night and
I was sleeping soundly. M&M jumped onto the bed and started
licking his face. That woke me up and I grabbed the phone
and dialed 911. The ambulance was there before long to take
him to the hospital.

Had it not been for our whippet girls I might have slept
through the whole thing. That would have been bad for my
husband as he had trouble breathing and I needed to help him
through some things while he lay convulsing on the bed. I
removed the pillow, loosened his PJ's, wiped his face and
skin with a cool cloth, and made sure he stayed as
comfortable as possible until the ambulance arrived. He was
unconscious for about 2 hours or more after arriving at the

These two little dogs have done things just like this over
and over again and it blows our minds. What a wonderful day
it was when we adopted them. The lady who had them was
dying of brain cancer and had to give them up when they were
two. They are now four and we wouldn't part with them. We
feel very blessed that they are part of our family.

Warmest regards, Micki Mushen

We don't need an alarm clock with Callie around

Well, I'll put it to ya this way, we don't need an alarm
clock!! Every morning we have to get up at 6:30 am. for
work. Callie was born in my closet with her brothers &
sisters. We found homes for all and kept her.

She has a great personality. She got used to our schedule
with the kids and all. She realized soon what time we
started stirring around. Then she began to open our bedroom
door if we pushed the snooze button. I'm like, "Please,
Callie, just 5 more minutes!" After a while we just stopped
setting our alarm. Every morning we are awakened by her.
Opening our door and parading around meowing!! She's a

Well, now she has a brood of her own. Boy, we gotta house
full!! She has the most beautiful playful kittens!! I'm now
trying to find homes for them, but in the mean time, she
still hasn't missed a beat. Our fuzzy alarm clock!!!

Tammi/Trussville, Al

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