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The simple basics of a Fish Tank Filter
Tony Hartmann

A fish tank filter can be one of the most important parts of your fish
tank, especially when it comes to keeping the fish tank clean and the fish
healthy. Often you will not even notice how well the equipment is
working unless it stops working. Once the filter stops working, the
waste can build up quickly and things can start going downhill fast.

Types Of Fish Tank Filters

Probably the most common type of fish tank filters you see
at discount stores is the box filter. These both hang on the inside or
the outside of the tank, and usually have a charcoal cleaning cartridge
in the main box. The water from the tank is circulated up into the box,
through the filter and then back down into the tank.

They are rather slow but steady and can usually be found fairly
cheaply. They are not the best fish tank filter you can buy, but they
can do the job, are easily found and are readily available. Another
type of filtering equipment is a filter that covers the bottom of the
aquarium floor and is then covered with rocks. In theory the debris and
other garbage are filtered out after they hit the bottom of the tank.
These are really neat looking and work fairly well, but not as well as
the box tank filters.

There are plenty of instructions on how to build your own fish tank filters as
well, and these can be the best tank filters you can find. Wet/dry
tank-filters sit on the edge or rim of the fish tank. The tank water is
slowly trickled over filter media, which can be one of several kinds.
As the air and water mix along with the filter media, the water is
filtered and several chemical processes occur. This is probably one of
the better aquarium filter ideas, and it is fairly easy to do yourself
at home.

Directions can easily be found online, and often buying the materials
for the filter is cheaper than buying a ready made wet/dry fish tank
filter. Cleaning and filter Equipment is a vital component of your fish
tank. It not only cleans the water, but also allows more oxygen to be
mixed in with the water. Fresher, cleaner water helps keep your fish
healthy and will help them live longer lives. A fish tank filter does not
have to be a really expensive item, one that competently does the job
can be used and does not have to be top of the line.

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