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A short introduction to Flowerhorn Cichlids
William Berg

Flowerhorn Cichlids

Flowerhorn cichlids is a hybrid cichlid that was developed in
Malaysia during the second half of the 1990's. It was created by
crossbreeding different South American cichlids. Exactly which
cichlids that were used to create the Flowerhorn is a well kept
secret only known by the breeders who developed the species but
they did most likely crossbreed Trimacs (Amhilophous
Trimaculatus) and one or several other South American cichlids
like Cichlasoma Festae, Amphilophus citrinellum (midas cichlid),
Amphilophus labiatum (red devil) or Vieja synspila (redheaded
cichlid). Flowerhorn cichlids are unlike many other hybrids
fertile and can easily be breed in aquariums. They are very easy
to keep and can be kept in the same way as other cichlids from
the same area. The only requirement is a large aquarium to house
these big aggressive fishes in.

Luck and Feng Shui

Flowerhorn cichlids are in Asia considered to bring good luck and
good Feng Shui. They are not the only fishes that are thought of
in this way. The Asian Arowana is another fish that brings good
fortune to its owner and that is being breed and sold at high
prices in Asia. The pattern of thought behind the thought that
Arowanas are bringers of good fortune can be found in the fact
that they are considered to resample dragons. Dragons are
powerful creatures in the Asian mythology. The foundation for the
belief that Flowerhorn cichlids are bringer of good fortune can
be traced to the fact that the hump that the species develop as
it matures are considered to resembles the Chinese God of
Longevity. If the hump grows so does the good fortune of the
owner. This good fortune can affect all areas of life.

The Black marking on Flowerhorn cichlids also plays an important
role in this species reputation as bringer of good fortune. These
markings can sometimes create patterns that resample Chinese
signs and fish that displays these patterns are considered to be
the most fortune bringing of all. Examples of this are that some
Flowerhorn cichlids display Chinese numbers on their sides and
the owner of these fishes often play the number their Flowerhorn
displays on the lottery. The reason behind this is an incident
where a woman won 1 million dollars and claimed that she had the
play the number her fish displayed. Another fish that is worth
mentioning is a Flowerhorn cichlid that displays the Chinese sign
for luck on its side and that fish is hardly surprising
considered as extra lucky.

Flowerhorn cichlids has ironically enough brought bad luck for
many investors that invested in Flowerhorn cichlid when the hype
was at its peak and who lost a lot of money when the market
plummeted to more reasonable levels.

Written by William Berg. Read more about William Bergs flowerhorn
articles on Flowerhorn Cichlids. find more articles by William
Berg about Tropical Aquarium Fish

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