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Sick Goldfish - Step One, Prevention, Step Two, Monitor, Step
Three, know what action if Needed.

Mark Sturge

Sick Goldfish

There are times in every parent's life when his or her child,
pet, or goldfish gets sick. Goldfish are prone to many ailments,
and even the most common ones can be life threatening. Prevention
and monitoring your fish are the best ways to keep your pet from
contracting a disease.

Being the good parent that you are, you have probably studied and
memorized the normal movements and behaviors of your goldfish. If
Goldie happens to become ill, look for signs that differ for
their normal swimming patterns.

If your fish is shaking, hiding in corners and isolated places,
gasping for breath near the surface of the tank, has his fins
pressed together in a clamped fashion or demonstrates any other
strange behaviors, it might be a good indicator that he's coming
down with an illness. Once you've noticed these odd actions, take
a closer look at your fish and see if there are discolorations or
markings on his body.

Fish with certain parasites might have red and inflamed areas,
sometimes around the gills, or might have swollen blood bumps on
their bodies. Check for damaged fins, cloudy eyes and bumps or
blisters that appear on the scales.

There are many common goldfish ailments that can be identified by
examining your pet's physical appearance. Once you have
identified that there is definitely something wrong with your
goldfish, it is a good idea to isolate him from your other fish
in a hospital tank.

The hospital tank is prepared in advance and made to match the
current environment of your fish, so that he won't go into shock.
If the ailment turns out to be contagious, it's not a bad idea to
treat your other fish as well as the sick one.

Unfortunately, some fish, no matter how hard you try, do not
overcome their illness and continue to suffer until they pass
away. Many people do not like to see their fish in constant pain
and fell that euthanasia is appropriate. There are many methods
out there for ending the life of a goldfish, so be sure to choose
one that does not cause your fish even more pain.

While there are plenty of goldfish illnesses, there are just as
many ways to treat them. Prevention and care is the best medicine
for keeping your goldfish buddy in tiptop shape.

Mark Sturge is webmaster of . A site
where you can learn all about goldfish care and what to do when
you are faced with sick goldfish.

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