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Goldfish Behavior

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Goldfish analysis & Behavior
Dane Stanton

When goldfish swim up to the glass of the tank, does it mean they
are smart enough to recognize people?

Goldfish sure are smart not in the sense as dogs are, but they
are smart. They will swim up to meet you probably because they
think you are going to feed them. They might not be able to
differentiate between one person and the other but they do know
that the people they live with are the caregivers. Know that they
depend on you and hence love you.

Why is a new goldfish not moving in its bowl, when he is very
much alive? Well first of all, he probably hates being in a bowl.
Goldfish do not like bowls even though humans think the bowls are
cute. Put him in a tank with a compatible companion goldfish.
Meanwhile watch the fish. Is he coming up to the top of the tank
when you feed him? If he is then, he's probably just getting used
to the new bowl. If it looks like he has difficulty swimming and
that he keeps sinking to the bottom he might have a swim bladder
disorder caused by too much dry food and bad water.

Why is a goldfish swimming to the top every once in a while?
Goldfish keep swimming to the surface of the tank because that's
where they get their oxygen. Always make sure that there is
enough empty space at the top. Do not fill up the tank to the
brim, as leaving space will give them the required oxygen. If
your fish are normally active, swimming and chasing each other a
round, don't worry if they swim to the top every once in a while.

Why do goldfish always seem starving?

That's because they are greedy! Don't get tempted enough to feed
them whenever they ask for it because overfeeding will cause them
more harm. Besides, goldfish can never starve to death; they are
always nibbling away at something or the other.

Why would one goldfish lie motionless most of the time whilst the
rest swim around? Is it a social outcast?

If you have different varieties of goldfish, make sure they are
compatible. The slower fancy varieties might get stressed out by
the faster ones like comets. Yes, they might feel like outcasts
and keep to themselves. Some goldfish might even get aggressive
with another and in that case you need to one that is being
badgered to another tank.

Why are all the goldfish so lifeless and tend to stay at the
bottom of the tank most of the time, like they are very tired?

If they aren't swimming as they usually do, something is
definitely bothering them.

If you tank is brand new and the goldfish are having a problem
because the tank has not been cycled. Wait a while and watch.
Make sure you cycle the tank before you put them in because a new
tank cannot deal with the ammonia that the goldfish produce.

If you tank is an old one and the goldfish are suddenly more
still than usual it could be that the toxicity of the water is
bothering them. So change the water. When your goldfish seem
inactive, you must check the water for nitrites and the pH level.

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