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Geese - part

of the Duck

& Swan family.

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Geese of the Northern Hemisphere

The word Goose refers to the female, the male Goose is called a gander.
A flock of Geese is called a gaggle. Goslings are the young.

Geese are of the same family as ducks and swans.

They feed on grains, grass sprouts and marine vegetation.

In North America the best-known and most widely distributed species
is the Canada goose. Its nesting grounds extend from arctic Canada
and Alaska to the prairie states of the United States. It varies
in color and size, ranging in length from 25 to 45 inches.

All individuals have a black tail, head, and neck, with a white patch
on the cheek and a brown body.

Similar in size to the smallest Canada geese is the brant which nests
in the arctic and winters chiefly on salt water.

Geese swim with their necks straight up.

They fly in V formation with necks outstretched.

Picture Goose

Types of Geese include:

Barnacle Goose
Bean Goose
Canada Goose
Emperor Goose
Greater White Fronted Goose
Pink Footed Goose
Ross' Goose
Snow Goose

Some common Phrases with Goose

Goose Step
A military parade step executed by swinging the legs sharply from the
hips and keeping the knees locked.

Wild Goose Chase
be foolish: go on a fool's errand, go on a wild-goose chase, waste effort

Goose Egg
Zero, especially when written as a numeral to indicate that no points
have been scored.

Kill the Goose that lays the Golden Egg
become an object lesson, quarrel with one's bread and butter,
bite the hand that feeds one, bring one's house about one's ears,
knock one's head against a brick wall, put the cart before the horse,
have too many eggs in one basket

Goose Bumps
coldness: sensation of cold, chilliness, chill factor, wind-chill
factor, algidity, rigor, hypothermia, shivering, shivers, chattering of
the teeth, gooseflesh, goose pimples, goose bumps, frostbite.

Cook One's Goose
dish, cook one's goose, sabotage, obstruct

Mother Goose

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