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Dressing up for

Halloween in a

Lizard Costume

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Lizards are not what you would consider cute and cuddly
pets. In fact many people are afraid of reptiles in general
and that is what makes them excellent as Halloween mascots.
With their beady eyes, scaly body and sharp claws, who
wouldn't be somewhat intimidated by them? People even have
phobias about lizards, so if you want a truly interesting
Halloween why not add some lizards into it and play some
lizard games like Scary Stump Lizard Toss, or dress up as a

Some famous lizards you might dress up as are Godzilla, a
Dragon, a Crocodile or Alligator, or a Dinosaur. Dragons have
become very popular lately, especially with the new movies
that have come out about them in recent years (Dragon War,
Reign of Fire, etc.). Godzilla is a cult classic figure that
everyone knows about and it still is popular today even
though there hasn't been any recent movies about him.
Crocodiles and Alligators have become popular scary figures
because of the recent movies about them getting large in
charge and eating people.

Some costume companies have gotten into the theme and offer
a selection of lizard Halloween costumes for you to rent or
buy for this time of year. Some popular children's lizard
costumes are The Land Before Time Dinosaurs, Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles
, Barney the Dinosaur, Dragons or generic
lizard costumes. Adults may go for the animal costumes like
lizards, crocodiles, alligators, and the like.

Some popular games have been developed around the lizard as
well, and are common at school and church Halloween
Carnivals, such as the "Scary Stump Lizard Toss" which
involves children tossing creepy crawlies into what looks
like a hollowed out wood stump. Often the child will get a
prize for making a "basket".

Lizards have even made it into Halloween decorations - some
that are gross and stretchy - others that are animatronic
and turn to look at you or roar as you go by.

If you are a Home schooling mom you can even center a project
for your son or daughter around Halloween, having them
research about a particular species of lizard and then
create a costume of it for their Halloween costume. Many
moms have used this trick to get a little bit of learning in
along with the fun of Halloween.

Lizard tails have often been mentioned as part of the
recipes that witches use in their brew, along with eye of
newt and bats' wings. Lizards have been a part of Halloween
for a long time, but on the fringes of this classic holiday.

Some mothers have even chosen to buy toy lizards, spiders,
and snakes to give to children as treats rather than candy
because of the damage candy can do to children's teeth. These
are classic Halloween accessories and can often be found in
and around the home to use for decoration.

Some people even take their pet lizards around with them for
Trick or Treating, often going as "Mommy and baby" or "Daddy
and baby" lizards, which makes for interesting conversation
and a great way to creep people out if you have an scary-
looking lizard.

Some popular recipes that center on lizards have come about
for Halloween, like "Eye of Newt Punch," "Lizards Eyes,"
"Lizard Tails," lizard shaped cookies, and so forth.

Overall, lizards have been a popular and spooky addition to
Halloween and many people like the idea of dressing up as a
creepy reptile rather than something more mainstream. So,
when you think on Halloween think about those scaly friends
that make such great pets. The Lizards!

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