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Questions you should

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a Pet Turtle

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When considering buying a turtle for a pet,
here are some helpful tips and pointers that will
be a big help for you.

What kind of turtle do you want as a pet?

First, there are land turtles and aquatic turtles.
Obviously land turtles spend most of their time on
land, and aquatic turtles spend most of their time
in the water.

So, do you have the right kind of aquarium for keeping
aquatic turtles, or is this going to be another expense,
plus the maintenance of keeping the water clean and fresh?

No matter, all turtles need some kind of water, but land
turtles can survive without a small pond to swim in.

Some turtles need special light for basking which helps
in keeping their shells strong.

Should you buy a young turtle or an older one?

Buying young or older turtles:

Buying a pet turtle when they are at a young age is usually
the best. Young turtles will be much better suited to adapt
to your care and keeping than an older turtle already set
in it's ways.

Also, it's easier to get a young turtle to accept a new
diet than an older turtle.

Buying a turtle from a pet store

Most pet stores get their pet turtles from the pet trade.
Make sure you check pet store turtles out really well.
The travel and changing of environments can leave
turtles weak and stressed, and thus more susceptible
to diseases.

Some of the more hardy species of turtles are red-eared sliders,
cooters, and mud and musk turtles.

If you get a turtle for a pet by finding one in the wild,
have a veterinarian to check it for parasites. Try to keep
the environment as natural as possible. Wild turtles have their
diet and changing that diet can cause digestive problems.

One of the best ways to get a pet turtle is from an
animal shelter or humane society. Although pet turtles
from shelters may or may not be healthy, again have a
vet check your new turtle out.

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