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Which is best? The

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Harness for Pigs?

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Training your pig to walk with a harness and a leash is really
very easy. You have to keep in mind though that harnesses are not
meant to be left on your for long periods. Never use your harness
and leash to tie up your pig! In fact you should never tie up
your pig at all; you should have a pen for you pig when it is not
with you in your house or out with you.

Essentially, with a harness and leash you are not going to be
leading your pig around, rather the harness and leash is a way to
let your pig know where you want it to go. Remember to walk with
the pig, just as dog owners walk with their dogs, not drag it

First you have to get the right type of harness. The best harness
for a pig is one that is made for a pig. There are adaptable big
dog harnesses that you can adjust but they don't work nearly as
well as a harness designed with a pig in mind.

There are two different styles of harness that you can use: A-
style and H-style. The A-style harness slips over the head and
snaps behind the girth or front legs. The H-style has a snap that
goes around the neck and one that goes around behind the front
legs or girth. Both harness are designed for pigs and should fit
your pig comfortably and securely.

Before buying a harness, measure your pig with a cloth tape in
order to get the right sized harness. Measure around your pig's
neck and around the middle of your pig just behind the front
legs, or as it is also called, the girth. You can use a treat to
get your pig to cooperate with you while you do this.

If you pig is friendly and personable and likes to be touched and
petted then your pig is ready to have a harness and can be walked
around. Pigs that do not like to be touched and don't like people
shouldn't be taken for walks around strangers, of course. You
should socialize your pig as much as possible before attempting
to take it for walks. This makes it much less likely that your
pig will snap at or possibly bite someone from fear.

Harness and lead training should always be fun and a good time
for you and your pig. NEVER force your pig into a harness or drag
your pig around by the leash. Forcing your pig to follow will
make it impossible for you to properly train your pig to walk on
a harness or leash because the pig will associate the harness and
leash with discomfort or fear. Introduce the pig to the harness
slowly and let it sniff and test it. Let your pig get used to the
harness and offer treats for good behavior and you should be out
walking your piggy in no time.

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