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Serious about Showing your Pig in a Competition? We can Help

Pig Shows happen all over the United States and abroad. Show pig
judging usually concerns the breed of pig, the weight, the body
structure, the health and the fat of the pig. These Pig Shows are
not for pet pigs in general. This is usually about best in breed
and may even include auctioning off the pig at the end of the

Preparation to show your pig begins at the very beginning; when
the pig is birthed from the sow. You must care for the pig, feed
the pig, water the pig and train the pig from the time it is born
until it is time to show the pig. This gives you time to get to
know the pig and its habits and improve upon its weaknesses.

The showing of a pig is an accumulation of months of hard work,
whether it is a 4-H pig project or a professional pig farmer showing
a prize breeder. In a way, getting to the stage of actually
showing the pig is the easy and even fun part.

On the day of the Pig Show, you will need to take along the basic
essentials to keep your pig clean and cared for until it is time
to show the pig (i.e. commercial hog feed, buckets, pig dust
powder, a cane or show stick, straw, water, spay bottle, baby
wipes, etcetera.)

Be sure to give your pig a bath and a grooming before you leave
for the show. The hooves and tusks should already be trimmed. You
should run an electric razor or scissors over the long hairs on
your pig, cleanliness is essential when showing a pig. You
yourself will also need to dress nicely and be clean for the
presentation of the pig. There is usually a dress code at the
fair barn, agriculture class, or 4-H Club.

Wait patiently with your pig and enter the ring when your name is
called. Keep your eye on the judge so that you know when there is
approval for what you are doing and when there is disapproval.
Walk beside your pig and keep your pig where the judge can see it
at all times, about ten to fifteen feet between the pig and the
judge is optimal. Remember this is about your pig, not you.

Point your show stick or cane toward and above the pig while you
are walking around the ring, gently guiding your pig where you
want it to go. Never strike a pig with your cane or show stick,
guide it with your cane or stick by gently nudging it on the

Be polite to everyone and shake the judge's hand and thank the
judge on the way out of the ring. Keep your pig separate from
other pigs to prevent injury and so that the judge can notice
your pig from among the other pigs.

Whether your pig wins a ribbon or trophy or not, tell it that it
is the best piggy in the world when the show is done, and pat
yourself on the back for a job well done.

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