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How to take the best of Care of Kittens
By: Alfred

After your mother cat has had kittens there are some things
that you need to do for the new family that are vital to the
health and well being of the new additions. First of all, it
is very important that you keep the place where the kittens
stay as clean and free of debris, waste and refuse as
possible. You can use old towels that you can throw out when
they are soiled, or keep lots of fresh newspaper and paper
towels on hand.

You need to keep the new kittens confined in a warm place
with low light, and where the mother cat can get to them at
any time but can leave to get to her own food or litter box.
Usually a cardboard box lined with old towels and put into a
closet or other out of the way place will do the trick so
long as it isn't drafty in that area. Be sure to not disturb
the family a lot, but check on them several times per day.

Continue feeding your mother cat a good diet and as much
food as she wants. She needs it to produce enough milk of
good quality for the kittens. Sometimes the female cat still
will not be able to produce enough milk and you will begin
to see signs in the kittens of weakness, dehydration and a
failure to gain weight. They will probably be always crying
with hunger as well. If this happens there are kitten
formula and kitten bottles to feed the kittens available
from your veterinarian or a pet or feed store.

It is important that you give the mother cat every chance to
nurse, though, as this is the best for the kittens because
of the antibodies that mother's milk contains. Only use
kitten formula as a last resort when it clear that the
kittens are not thriving. Be sure to have the veterinarian
check on the kittens when they are a few weeks old, to make
sure that they are gaining weight and advancing as they
should, especially if you are breeding with the intention of
selling purebred kittens.

As soon as the kittens are old enough they will need to be
taken for their first booster vaccination shots. This will
be a couple of months after they are weaned. Kittens that
are given immunization shots while they are nursing or too
soon after being weaned usually will have the immunization
not work. This is because the mother cat's antibodies are
often still active in the kitten.

Be especially careful to keep the mother and the kittens
from contacting other cats during the weaning period and
before their immunizations, as they will have lessening
levels of immunity at that time.

Most of taking care of kittens is being sure that they are
clean, well-fed and comfortable. This is very important as
kittens are very susceptible to disease since their immune
systems are not fully mature. There are a lot of diseases
and even parasites that kittens can be infected with even
while they are still in the womb. Hopefully you had the vet
make sure that the female cat was free of parasites and
disease before breeding her.

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