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Preventing and dealing with Infections in a Pet Pig

Probably the single most deadly problem that can occur in your
pig is an infection. Even a small scratch can cause an infection.
If not properly treated it can have serious ramifications.

Pigs are hardy creatures but they are prone to infection,
especially if their wallow and watering area is not kept properly
maintained and cleaned. This kind of thing more commonly occurs
on farms where the pigs are being raised as meat rather than for
any companionship, but it can happen to a backyard pet pig if the
owner doesn't check the pig over daily for injuries or problems.

If you are a responsible owner you will check on your pigs at
least daily for any signs of behavior or appearance that is out
of the ordinary. Something as simple as a mood shift from an
animal or a slight limp can be a signpost that points to an
infection or illness if you know your pig and what to watch for.
The more serious the infection the more symptoms your pig is
going to display.

Common causes of infection are untreated scratches or bites from
other pigs or other animals. Bad sanitation in the wallow or pen
area where the pigs are kept can cause even a small scratch to
become infected. Improper care in general is an invitation to
illness for your pig.

If you own pigs you should have on hand a common antibiotic
called Chlortetracycline should a scratch or bite become
infected. Your veterinarian can prescribe it for you. You can
often prevent an infection of a cut, scratch or bite by keeping a
spray bottle filled with a half and half mixture of hydrogen
peroxide and water handy and spraying any questionable area of
your pig often.

If you do spot an injury on your pig or if it has had surgery, be
sure to get the area as clean as possible in order to prevent
flies from landing and laying eggs in the cut, scratch or bite.
This is especially critical if your pig is just home from a

Another symptom to watch for is limping or arthritic-like
symptoms. Sometimes internal infection can occur when a bacteria
has gotten a foothold in some wound. This often presents itself
as swollen joints. If a problem arises such as you can not see
any signs of a cut, bite or scratch but the pig appears to have a
fever and is acting out of the ordinary, be sure to take it to
the veterinarian to be checked out.

Again, the number one way to prevent infection in your pigs is by
keeping the pen sanitary and by you keeping a daily eye on the
pigs to make sure that they are healthy.

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