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Jack Russell Terrier

Breed of Dog

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Jack Russell Terriers require Exercise & Stimulation
By: Tippy & Alfred

The Jack Russell Terrier is a breed that is vulnerable to
some genetic diseases including deafness, dislocation or the
kneecaps, inherited eye disease and Legg Perthes. Legg
Perthes is a disease of the hip joints in small breed dogs.
But well bred Jack Russell Terrier dogs are fairly hardy and

When the Jack Russell Terrier is given enough exercise it is
a pleasant companion. But when not given enough exercise
they can become a destructive nuisance. They need a brisk,
daily long walk in order to take care of their physical and
psychological needs. Your Jack Russell will love a backyard
where it can have room to hunt, play and run.

All coat types of the Jack Russell Terrier are easy to
groom. They need a regular brushing with a firm bristle
brush and a combing. Bathe this dog only when necessary. In
order to show this breed you must strip the dog's coat. Both
the broken coat and rough coat Jack Russell needs to be
stripped out.

These dogs are prone to "small dog syndrome". They can also
be aggressive to children if children are not properly
taught how to treat a small dog. A child should never strike
or tease a dog.

The Jack Russell can become determined and willful if you
are not consistent with it. It is absolutely necessary that
you provide a calm, confident, consistent and firm stand
with this dog when it comes to training and relationship.
This dog needs rules to follow so that it knows what it is
not allowed to do. If allowed to develop small dog syndrome,
behaviors like guarding, obsessive barking, separation
anxiety and snapping can be exhibited.

Jack Russell Terriers that are not taken into hand can also
become aggressive to other dogs. Some Jack Russells have
been injured or killed in dog fights that the Jack Russell
initiated with large dogs. This dog needs to be socialized
well from an early age.

As a hunting terrier breed they have all of their natural
instincts intact, so they shouldn't be trusted around small
animals. Jack Russells like to bark and dig. This dog tends
to get destructive when restless so it needs plenty of
exercise with mental stimulation. Many Jack Russell Terriers
also can and will climb any fence.

This breed isn't for inexperienced dog owners. The owner of
this dog must be a natural authority figure, otherwise the
dog can become strong-willed and has no problem walking all
over their owner and becoming the boss. Jack Russell
Terriers that are mentally stable with all of their needs
met do not display such negative behaviors. Negative
behaviors in this dog are brought on by a lack of leadership
and training from their masters. Cowardice, nervousness
and/or over-aggressiveness should be discouraged at all
times in this dog.

Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terriers have Special Dietary Needs
Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

The Jack Russell Terrier is an active little dog with
strong leg and chest muscles.

Jack Russell Terriers need a high quality protein food with
high quality fat.

Whether smooth or wire coated, these dogs require
little fuss. For an added boost, add bee pollen to
their food daily.

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