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Peppy Pets
July 31, 09

Only the Finest in Canine Cuisine

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Hi, just wanted you to know that I no longer have finicky
eaters. I have the dogs (4 of them) on the Zone, and my cat
on that Life Abundant Food for Cats. You should see the
cat's coat. She is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much.
More than that: Aylah, Sparky, Jonah and Sugar (the dogs)
thank you. And, the cat, Java Jive, thanks you because she
is sooooo gorgeous.

Thanks again. Elaine

The Crazy black headed caique named Zorro

I just wanted to write a little note about the newest
addition to my family. A medium sized bird packed full of
energy and love. Zorro. I worked for an aviary
veterinarian, hand feeding and taming newly hatched pet parrots
for his store. This is where I fell in love with Zorro.
When I first saw him, he looked like a plucked chicken, only
a mother could love him. And that is the role I played.
Zorro, weaned at the store with my help, and we also formed
a strong bond while he was there. Little did I know this
featherless bird would win my heart over.

Zorro is a black headed caique. He is pretty much crazy.
They are a breed known for their energy. Zorro came home
and has quickly become friends with our two dogs, Winnie,
and Geisha, and has also become somewhat of a playmate to
our three cats, Simon, Jasmine, and Chaos. Go figure. Zorro
loves to recline on his back in the bottom of his cage and
loves to shower with me. I got him a perch made for the
shower and he mimics me as I shower.

I have always been around furry critters, but had never
taken much interest in our feathered friends. After
learning how to handle and play with them, my ideas about
them have changed. I just wanted to do my part to welcome
my little buddy Zorro to my flock.

Jeri Veilleux

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Karen Rhoads

When I first saw my cat Tiger it was love at first sight!
Tiger was shy when I first brought him home. He would hide
in the dresser. But he got used to me and my five kids. I
have a disability and whenever I am in pain Tiger Knows it!
He will jump up onto my lap and comfort me by giving me a
kiss on the chin and by just being with me the whole time I
am not feeling well.

My cat also likes to wait for me to get up! Every morning
when my alarm clock goes off he is right there by my door
and he tries to open my bedroom door by standing up on two
legs and putting both paws on the door knob. He tries to open
my door!

He also follows me to the bathroom everyday and will only
eat if I am in there. Tiger gets mad at me when I go to
school at night. Because when I come back home and lay on the
bed next to him he nips at my arm if I don't pay attention
to him when I get home from school! Tiger is a Very Special
part of my life! Because of him my disability isn't that bad
anymore....I am glad he is a Part of my life!


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