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The bacterial infection

called Mastitis in

Pet Rabbits

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Mastitis in pet rabbits is an inflammation of the mammary
gland or glands. It is caused by a bacterial infection. Stress,
such as a doe banging her breasts getting in or out of the nest
box, or scraping them on rough cage bottoms, will often cause
a flare up of mastitis just following kindling when there is added
stress on the udder due to increases in milk production.

An affected doe will act listless, have hot, swollen, red
mammary glands. She may run a fever.

Treating the affected doe immediately with a broad spectrum
antibiotic will usually bring about recovery.

Sometimes the young are affected due to the severe changes
in the acidity of the milk and presence of so many bacteria in it,
so it is wise to remove the young, feeding them by bottle
until the doe is back to normal.

Check each doe daily at feeding time for any signs of abnormal
breasts. Immediate treatment is imperative.

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