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There are many different types of dragons but there are also
many different versions of mythical and literary animals
similar to dragons that are not really dragons at all.

One mythical reptilian beast that is similar to dragons is
the wyvern. The wyvern is used as a heraldic device in many
European standards. Most of the pictures or drawings of the
wyvern show a dragon-like creature with two wings and two
legs. Sometimes the wings have eagle claws on the tips. In
literature wyverns can either be either serpentine or
reptilian depending on the depiction and type. There is also
a sea wyvern with a fish tail.

The wyrm, guivre, wurm or worm is another dragon-like
creature but it has no limbs at all. They look more like
giant snakes than anything else, though some depictions more
lizard-like features. Also, depending on the type (fire,
water, air or earth) their appearance changes.

Drakes look like what people would consider dragons but they
usually have no wings and have four legs. They can be either
extremely serpentine or have wider bodies with reptilian
heads (wedge shaped). They vary from type to type but most
are about the same size as what people consider dragons, and
all drakes can spew fire from their mouths.

The true "dragon" as it is depicted in most mythology and
literature is a large reptile with four legs and wings. They
usually have lizard-like features and wedge-shaped heads.
They walk on all four legs and a dragon can sit back on its
haunches and use its forelegs as powerful weapons. Dragons
vary in appearance and may have horns, fins, hair, and/or
spines. The appearance varies by type as well. You can often
tell what type a dragon is by the color of its scales.

All of these large reptiles vary by size, type and
appearance in literature. They have been known to be
destroyers as well as helpers of mankind. Most scholars
consider them mythical in nature and no physical evidence
has been recovered that would point to dragons ever having
existed, although they are mentioned in the Bible in the
Book of Job.

Dragons continue to hold a certain power over humans. They
are a powerful symbol and the Welsh flag still to this day
depicts a red wyvern. They are popular in games, books,
movies and imagination. Dragons are strongly associated with
fantasy and magic, and who doesn't need a little bit of
magic in their lives?

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