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Enjoying the company of

Quicky the Nestle

Quik Bunny

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Quicky is the kind of friend that all kids want!
The Nestle Quik Bunny is dependable and always looking
for fun and games, he wants to make kids laugh.

Quicky loves to be part of a gang and get involved in
adventures with his friends. But what he loves most of all is a
glass of Nesquik chocolate milk!

The character of Quicky the Nesquik bunny was chosen to
represent the Nestle Nesquik brand in 1973. In no time,
Quicky became a favorite among kids

In Europe and Canada, he is known as Quicky the Nesquik Bunny.
In the U.S. in 1999, he was renamed the Nesquik Bunny when
the brand name was changed. He appears on the packaging,
and in the product's television commercials.

His catch-phrase is "Chocolate Milk, Think Nesquik!"

A strawberry flavor was introduced in the 1970s, and is still
available, along with such other flavors as banana and possibly
vanilla. There is also a sugar-free chocolate flavor.

There is also a Nesquik flavor of Nestlé hot cocoa mix; the
Nesquik flavor has bunny-shaped marshmallows and 38% more calcium
than regular hot cocoa.

Today, Nesquik is sold in more than 100 countries worldwide
and continues to be the leader in powdered milk flavorings.

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