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Peppy Pets
Oct. 06, 03

Oh how we miss the antics of our little kitty Bitsy

I would like to share a little story about our littlest of 6
kitties, named Bitsy (aka Smokey). He recently passed away
on July 5, 2002. Bitsy now sits in heaven with his Grandmas and
God "talking" up a storm with them.

Bitsy was just 4 years old when he passed. But in that time
I think he received and gave so much love and joy to last a
lifetime. My husband found him on the side of the road on a
bitter February evening, weighing just 4 lbs and having
nearly been hit by a car. He stopped and picked him up and
put him inside his coat all the way home. Ever since that
night, on my husband's chest was Bitsy's favorite place to
be, cuddling his head under Dad's chin.

Bitsy was a "talker", although he would meow without sound
whenever you asked him a question .. like "are you a sleepy
baby"? and he would just open his mouth with no sound and
keep on and on until you picked him up to cuddle. He always
waited for Dad to get home from work each and every day
positioning himself on the back of the couch at the door
knowing when it was time. Even though he was the smallest of
our 6, he was the "terror" of the bunch, chasing the others
all around the house, pouncing and jumping. At dinner time,
he was the first one to eat... nudging all the others aside
so he could taste what morsels were being served. In the
wintertime when he got cold at night he would come to our
bed and cuddle underneath the blankets laying his head on
the pillow and go to sleep. How we miss all of his
wonderful antics!

Not a day goes by without me looking for him and expecting
to see his wonderful little face. But I know that God is
now enjoying all of the love that we were fortunate to share
with for the short time we had him. Please keep your pets
safe from feline leukemia, as that is what Bitsy had. I am
just thankful that we had the time we did with him and that
we were able to give him a loving home and family. He is
sadly missed each and every day.

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Tobias, Sammy, and Tyler
Jo Hollar

Hi Dave and Jan and "family"....just wanted to tell you a
little about our little "family". We have had 3 cats for
about 18 years and this past June, our last cat, Tobie,
passed away while we were on vacation. She was only 12 and
had been ill since Christmas. She was being well cared for,
but unfortunately, the other cats had to be put to sleep,
the latest one was in May, and I guess she was having a hard
time dealing with her companion's death and our being gone.
She died laying on one of my nightshirts that I had laid on
the floor for her.

I swore I wouldn't have any more cats because it was just
too hard! I lasted the whole month of July and was miserable
the whole month!! The first of August, I went to our local
pet adoption center and fell in love with a kitten, similar
to my Tobie. However, he was from a litter of seven, and we
ended up taking 3 of the kittens from the litter and they
are all brothers. They have brought so much love and life
into our home that words just cannot describe it!

The kittens are now only 8 weeks old and we have had them
for a little over 2 weeks. They all 3 sleep with me and
follow me around like little pups! I am looking forward to
your emails.

Thanks again,

The name of Dorothy's kitten in Frank Baums
story: "The Patchwork Girl of Oz" is:

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