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Should you Vaccinate to

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Colibacillosis (Escherichia coli) in Pigs

There are vaccinations that you should give you pigs regularly to
avoid getting Colibacillosis. Have you vaccinations updated every
time you visit the veterinarian with your pig.

Escherichia coli is an infection of bacteria that causes loose
watery stool and makes your piggy very sick and can kill within a
matter of days. In order for E. Coli to take hold in a pig it
needs two essential factors to multiply and grow - an abrasion of
some sort in the intestine and enterotixin, the toxin produced by
the bacteria.

One of the major symptoms of Colibacillosis or E. Coli in pigs is
diarrhea. If you notice that your unvaccinated pig is having
frequent diarrhea and appears to be getting weaker and weaker
then your pig might very well have E. Coli. Without medical
treatment your pig will die from this disease, as it cause
massive fluid loss or dehydration and acidosis. You pig will also
lose essential vitamins, minerals and protein while it has E.
Coli. If dealing with an unweaned piglet you need to make sure
that it is getting enough colostrum from the mother pig, so that
it has the benefit of the mother's antibodies.

The only way to treat E. Coli is with antibiotics. If your pig
has an E. Coli infection you will need to provide a warm dry
place for your piggy to stay while it is sick, and make sure that
you keep the area very clean! You do not want to risk infecting
other animals or yourself.

Give the pig as much Gatorade as it can stand. You also may use
Pedialyte (sold for humans) or Powerade. It is essential that you
get as many electrolytes down your pig as possible to prevent you
pig from dying from dehydration before the antibiotics do their
work. Keep up the electrolyte fluids until the pig's diarrhea

If your pig does develop this infection you should also
thoroughly clean any area in which the pig has been, and isolate
it from other pigs to prevent spread of the infection. Disinfect
every surface you can, including yourself. E. Coli is very
contagious and if you have the factors in you or the pigs have
the appropriate environment in them to breed the bacteria it will
spread quickly and cause sickness and death. Keep children and
other pets away from your pig until it is well, and be sure to
wash your hands thoroughly after caring for the pig.

Keep your pig as healthy as possible and vaccinate regularly
against pig diseases so that you can avoid such health crises.
This way the quality of your pig's life and your life with your
pet pig dramatically improves and you will have many happy years
with your pig.

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