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Please Sirs, tell me,

do Royal Dandie Pigs

make good Pets?

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The Royal Dandie is a miniature Pot-Bellied Pig. It grows to
about half the size of a regular pot-bellied pig. These pet pigs
are the best choice for keeping in a house or apartment if you
are going to keep a pig indoors (not recommended, however).

Royal Dandie Miniature Pot-Bellied Pigs are the result of a
selective breeding program that began when a demand for small
"house pet pigs" arose. After twenty years of breeding a Royal
Dandie was produced.

Because these miniature pot bellied pigs are selectively bred,
certain characteristics were chosen to be bred for, along with
small size, like intelligence, sociability and affection. Most
reputable pig breeders who breed Royal Dandies make sure that the
pigs are healthy and free of defects before being sold.

A Royal Dandie at birth can be easily held in a human hand. They
average a weight of twenty to sixty-five pounds if they are fed a
good diet and allowed to exercise.

An Extreme Royal Dandie will reach a weight of between twenty
pound and thirty-nine pounds. Obviously these are smaller than a
regular Royal Dandie, and rarer and so more expensive.

Breeding miniature pigs is not easy and there will always be
throwbacks but genetics will usually choose the smaller size for
the pigs if two small pigs are bred together. A responsible
breeder will properly feed their pigs and not withold food to get
the smaller size pig. A pig that has had its feed withheld is
almost always skinny and isn't healthy.

Royal Dandies make great pets and can command a high price as
pets. The price was around two thousand dollars at last check for
a Royal Dandie. Royal Dandies are more agile and playful than the
larger pet pigs because of their small size. They are also
sometimes called Teacup Pigs for their small size.

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