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Swine of any kind are actually very hygienic and clean animals
unlike the way they are commonly portrayed in the media. Pigs
will designate a spot in which to leave their waste and keep it
away from where they commonly graze, drink or sleep. In fact some
pigs have made themselves ill by holding their urine because they
could not get to an acceptable place in which to relieve

But it is pretty common for swine to urinate in their pool or
wallow. (That is a natural instinct that even humans can not
resist at times). Why do they do this? Simple, if you are a wild
pig you do not defecate or urinate where you commonly eat or
sleep, otherwise predators can track you to where you live. The
scent or spoor of most animals is strongest in their urine or
droppings. It is a natural instinct to place waste where it can
be washed far away from you so as to protect yourself from
animals that want to eat you. That way you can remain secure in
your hiding place.

Instinct is very strong in swine and they will not usually make a
distinction between their wading pool or a wallow with a natural
stream. That is why you will find droppings and urine in their
bath water. This doesn't make them "dirty." And if you take
proper care of your pigs and rinse their pool frequently it will
never become a sanitary issue.

To reiterate, this is completely natural behavior and is not an
indication of sickness or some emotional imbalance. In fact it
means that everything is alright with them. If a pig begins to
defecate or urinate in the bedding then that pig probably has a
health problem.

If your pig is kept on a strictly vegetarian diet (pigs are
omnivores and can eat meat) you can use their droppings in your
compost or vegetable garden much like manure from cows. It is
actually a very good source of nutrition for your plants, and
doesn't have a very bad odor.

So unlike pet dogs or other livestock, a pig is actually a good
choice if you have to keep your pet penned in your backyard. You
can let your children in the back yard and not worry about them
stepping in something so long as the children know where the
piggy's waste area is. You can even pen the waste area away from
your children. A pig makes a great and often very affectionate
pet and will be with you a long time so long as you take proper
care of it.

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