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Pigeons and Doves are small headed, short necked, short legged,
swift flying birds with pointed wings and fanned or tapered tails.

Smaller species of the family are known as doves, but sizes of pigeons
and doves overlap.

Pigeons and doves dwell in trees or on the ground feeding on seeds,
fruit, acorns and other nuts, and insects.

Pigeons are noted for their cooing call.

The birds build loose, almost flat, nests of twigs, bark, straw, and weeds;
the female lays one or two tan or white eggs.

The best-known species is the common pigeon, whose wild ancestor,
is called the rock dove. It is about 13 inches, bluish gray above, with
black markings on the wings and a whitish rump; below, it is purplish
on the breast and bluish on the abdomen. The sides of the neck,
especially in males, are iridescent. The more than 200 domestic
breeds as well as the variably colored street or feral pigeons are
derived from this species.

The carrier pigeon is a tall, erect bird with large wattles around the
eyes and the base of the bill, whose name is commonly misapplied
to the homing pigeon.

The most common North American dove is the mourning dove, so
named for its mourning type of call. It is about 12 inches, with a brown
body, bluish-gray wings, and a long, white-tipped tail.

Mourning doves are found almost everywhere in North America except
for the far northern areas of Canada.

Smallest of the doves are the sparrow-sized ground doves of the
southern United States.

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Pigeons make up the family Columbidae of the order Columbiformes.

North American Pigeons and Doves Include:

Band Tailed Pigeon
Common Ground Dove
Inca Dove
Mourning Dove
Red Billed Pigeon
Ringed Turtle Dove
Rock Dove
Ruddy Ground Dove
Spotted Dove
White Crowned Pigeon
White Tipped Dove
White Winged Dove

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