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Pipits: members

of the Wagtail

family of birds.

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Pipits are sparrow sized birds with slender warbler like bills.
Tails are dark with white outer feathers.

They are chiefly terrestrial and walk or run rapidly, and wag or bob
their tails continually.

They feed on the ground searching for insects using their long hind

Pipits are found over most of the world. All are brownish in color,
more or less streaked with black. They resemble many larks in
color and in habits, are sometimes called field larks, or titlarks

Pipits are found mainly in open grasslands or rocky areas.

Pipits build their nests in hollows on the ground, using mostly grass
and some moss, sometimes lining the nest with hair. They lay from
three to seven eggs in a clutch.

Picture American Pipit

Only two species are found widely in North America.

The American pipit breeds on the arctic tundra and above the
timberline on western mountains, and winters south to northern Central
America. It is about 7 in long. It is also known as the Water Pipit.

The back is olive-brown and the under parts are buffy, variably streaked
with black; streaks are often absent in the breeding birds of the Rockies.
The outer tail feathers are edged with white.

Sprague's pipit, a prairie species, is slightly smaller 6.5 in long.
It differs from the American pipit in having the back and crown streaked
with black, and pale, rather than black, bill and legs. It's song
is a sharp, squeaky single syllable call.

Picture Rock Pipit

Pipits are members of the wagtail family and belong to the order Passeriformes.

Types of Pipits include:

American Pipit (Water Pipit)
Brown Tree Pipit
Meadow Pipit
Olive Tree Pipit
Pechora Pipit
Red Throated Pipit
Rock Pipit
Sprague's Pipit
Water Pipit

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