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Tips to Help you Name your New Puppy
By: Tippy

When you get a new puppy there may be some physical
characteristics that jump out at you and that you can use to
help name your puppy. Other puppies display traits that help
in naming them. Still other people already know exactly what
they intend to name their new puppy even before they get it
because it is their favorite name for a dog.

Here are some basic tips that can help you in selecting a
name for your new puppy:

1. Dog training experts say that giving your dog a name made
up of two short syllables will help your puppy to learn its
name more quickly and to distinguish its name from all the
other words you speak.

2. What is Unique about Your Puppy's Appearance?

What is the color, style, breed, size of your dog? Is there
anything in particular that jumps out at you about the way
your puppy looks?

For instance, "Butch" or "Bully" is a good name for a Boston
Bull Terrier
or an English Bulldog because they are stocky
and low to the ground, but might seem strange as a name for
a Toy Poodle or a Bichon. If your dog has spots, you can of
course choose the traditional "Spot", but you might also
like something like "Patches" or "Dottie". For a black
Labrador Retriever you might select "Blackie", "Shadow",
"Coal", or the like.

3. Personality:

After a few days of being in your home, the personality of
the puppy will start to come out. For a sweet dog that wants
to be your personal lap warmer, you might try "Sweetie" or
"Honey". For the dog that can't seem to make it outside to
go, how about "Tinker Bell" or "Poky"?

If you want a more sophisticated name then you might look at
the names that famous people have given their dogs.
Alternatively, you can try choosing a foreign word or name,
especially if your dog is a breed that comes from another
country. You can consider these names along with some other
choices that you have made.

There are also many sources to consider including your
favorite television shows, movies, hobbies, people, actors,
and etcetera. There are plenty of sources to consider and
you do not have to be afraid to get creative because the
name you eventually give your dog can end up as a great
conversation starter.

There are literally innumerable sources for a good name for
your new puppy. Here are some examples below:

Celebrity dog names: Today, celebrity pooches may have more
following than their famous owners have. For example, try
"Chiquita" (Madonna's dog) or "Solomon" and "Sophie"
(Oprah's dogs).

TV dogs: "Comet" (Full House) and "Duke" (Beverly
Hillbillies) come to mind if you want to honor a famous
television pup.

Movie dogs: Many, many dogs have been movie characters. Cool
Hand Luke's "Blue" would be a fitting label for a variety of
dogs. Moreover, don't forget Disney's long list of doggie
movie stars.

Dogs from the Comics: "Snoopy" is of course a favorite, but
also consider "Krypto" or "Odie".

Other sources might include characters from great books,
names from cities or countries, religious names, family and
friend's dog names, or sports teams or player names.

Names may be found anywhere: In your favorite book for

You can also try a baby name book if you just cannot think
of anything in particular that you like or would want to
name your puppy.

Once you have a name that you think will work try it out for
a few days to be sure that it will indeed work for you and
your dog. You will know after a short time of using it
whether or not it will work for you and your pooch.

Once you have selected a name be sure to praise and treat
your puppy when it responds to the name and it will learn it
quickly. Soon your puppy will come running when it hears its

When you name your puppy and you already have a dog be sure
that the number of syllables between the two different names
of the dogs is the same. Make sure that the sounds of the
vowels in the two names are different.

Make sure not to choose a dog name that is similar to a
command that you will be using. For instance, "Rollo" and
the command "Roll Over". You will confuse your dog that way.


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