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Rabbit Hopping also called Rabbit Show Jumping
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Rabbit Hopping is sometimes called Rabbit Jumping or Show
Jumping. The course consists of a series of different
hurdles or jumps that the rabbit must hop over of its own

The rabbits compete on leash usually, with their owners
running along beside or behind them, encouraging them to
jump far and high. Some competitions are also held to see
which rabbit can jump the highest, the farthest, or the

Rabbit Hopping began in Scandinavia (Sweden) and is very
popular there, as well as in Germany and Great Britain,
where there are Rabbit Hopping contests with hundreds of
competitors held nearly every weekend. But the sport is
increasing in popularity in the United States and Canada.

4-H Clubs in both countries are now adding it to their
rabbit programs. In fact, the sport was introduced to Canada
by two girls who were searching online for things to do with
their rabbits for their 4-H project and found a page about
Rabbit Hopping in Denmark. The result was that the sport is
now spreading across Canada.

The major difference between Rabbit Hopping and Rabbit
Agility contests is exactly what the names imply. A rabbit
that will win in Agility must be able and willing to
maneuver through, over, under and around many different
types of obstacles. A winning Rabbit Hopping rabbit must
enjoy running quickly and hopping high. They may work off
leash or on leash depending on the contest and its location.

The official world record in long jump for rabbits is 118.11
inches (3,000 millimeters), and the official world record in
high jump for rabbits is 39.7 inches (995 millimeters).

Nearly any breed of rabbit can be a competitor, although the
dwarfs, long haired breeds and lops with very long ears are
discouraged because a long haired rabbit's vision may be
obstructed by its hair and they overheat easily, a lop's
ears might be injured or the rabbit might trip over them,
and a dwarf probably couldn't manage the jumps.

If you want to teach your rabbit to compete, begin with
teaching it to walk on leash and harness, and find a club to
help you from there.

Editor's Note:

(This email came to us and we feel if you are interested
in finding out more about rabbit hopping, this is the
best place to join.)

I am the president of Rabbit Hopping Organization of America.
I have been doing rabbit hopping for about 10 years now
and running a yahoo group for everyone that wants to
learn about hopping. Everyone may visit and become a
member of the group.

You are welcome to join us at the following:

Rabbit Hopping USA-Agility

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