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Roadrunners can run

at speeds up to 25

miles per hour.


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The Roadrunner is a large, crested bird of the arid southwest region
of the United States. The wings are short and rounded.

Roadrunners seldom fly, but they are good at flight when needed.
They are most noted for their ability for a bird to run fast.

The greater roadrunner is up to 24 inches long, including the 12-inch tail.

The upperparts and the tail are bronzy brown, the back streaked
with buff; the under parts are buff, with the breast heavily streaked with
black. The more southern lesser  roadrunner is smaller and lacks the
breast streaks.

Both are omnivorous, with lizards, snakes and insects forming much
of the diet.

At night, the Roadrunner's body temperature lowers to adapt to the cold
nights, then in the morning as the sun rises, their temperature
also rises.

The song of the male Roadrunner is a somewhat mournful, descending
series of about 8 long coos.

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Picture Roadrunner

Roadrunners make up the genus Geococcy of the family Cuculidae,
order Cuculiformes.

The most famous Roadrunner is the cartoon character always being
chased by Wyle E. Coyote

Roadrunner of Cartoon Fame

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