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1. The three snails most commonly collected by the saltwater
aquarium hobbyist are the Haliotadea, Mesogastopoda and the

2. Sea snails are abundant throughout the world in nearly
all oceans and seas. They are often found in the Indo-
Pacific and Caribbean Oceans in and around reefs or reef
rubble, because there are abundant life and food sources in
tropical waters.

3. Sea snails adhere to surfaces in the ocean, often rocks
and plants, or some even bury themselves in the sand along
the bottom of the ocean seeking algae, dead plants and dead
organisms for their meals.

4. The shell of the sea snail is the best protection from
predators that it has, but they also produce nasty-tasting
compounds to discourage predators.

5. Abalone is considered to be a human food delicacy (Yum)
and can be found in colder, deeper waters. Abalones also
have beautiful shells that are often used in jewelry making.

6. Some Sea Snails are nocturnal, sleeping during the day
and being active only during the night. That helps them
avoid predators.

7. Sea Snails actively filter the water around them, eat
algae, and generally clean saltwater aquarium tanks, plus
they are attractive. But they will need supplements such as
calcium to survive and grow in your saltwater aquarium

8. The Astraea Snail has a cone shaped shell. If they tip
over they actually have to be helped back upright or they
can die.

9. Sea snails breathe through gills or surface to fill their
lungs, trapping some air in their shells to breathe.

10. When an empty sea snail shell is held to the ear you can
often hear a hum, which is why some people say that you can
hear the ocean in a shell. The sound is said to be caused by
the way the air passes over and through the shell as you
hold it, and also possibly the sound of your own blood flow.

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