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Injured, chaffed, or bruised hocks in pet rabbits often give
way to bacterial infections in that area which should have
immediate attention. Watch for any bald, red, scabby,
or swollen hocks.

If they become infected and the infection is not taken care of,
the rabbit can develop a bloodstream infection or bone infection,
either of which can kill it.

Treating Sore Hocks in Pet Rabbits

Systemic treatment with a sulfa combination or broad spectrum
antibiotic, plus treating the area with an antibiotic or sulfa
ointment (if the area is dry and chapped), or powder
(if the area is moist), work well in most cases.

Remedy of the condition that caused the trouble in the first place
is necessary to prevent any recurrence. Damp hutches should
be thoroughly scrubbed and disinfected and left empty for a
day or two in the sun to dry out.

Heavy breeds of rabbits should have more support than the
wire floors often give. Slats placed across the wire, or an
area with a smooth board or piece of metal to sit on, will
often help the condition. Rough, splintered boards on the
hutch floor will often cause sore hocks.

Thumping the hind feet, such as occurs during excitement, fear
or aggression will sometimes bruise them enough to cause

The rabbits should not be excited, as by dogs, cats or even
children. Bucks that stamp at each other should be separated.

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