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The Reasons why you

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If you aren't very experienced with rabbits yet, you may
wonder why you should spay (females) or neuter (males) your
pet rabbit. But it is very important for your rabbit's
health and likely long life, as well as your long and happy
experience with your pet, especially if your rabbit is a
house rabbit.

Some important reasons to spay or neuter your house rabbits

1. Stop the increase in unwanted bunnies. Rescue
organizations are full and your babies might wind up
mistreated or even fed to other animals as food.

2. Help prevent diseases of the reproductive system. Some
rabbit breeds are very prone to uterine cancer. Plus, any
fertile female rabbit is also more likely to get ovarian
disease, mammary gland tumors and cancers, endometriosis,
and pyometra, false pregnancies.

Un-neutered males are more vulnerable to infections of the
reproductive glands, especially if they are allowed to fight
with other males.

3. Help to prevent behavior problem caused by hormones.

Behavior problems related to breeding and mating issues may

a. Spraying urine or refusing litter box training -Mature
rabbits of both genders will spray urine on vertical surfaces
mark their territories, and if it goes on for too long even
spaying and neutering may not break the habit.

b. Fighting and aggression - Nearly all aggression against
other rabbits or humans, and fighting between rabbits is
territorial. And nearly all territorial issues in rabbits
are related to mating. So early neutering and spaying can
keep both you and your rabbits from potential injury.

c. Chewing - All rabbits gnaw, but it has been observed by
many rabbit owners that excessive or problem gnawing is
greatly improved within a few weeks or months of spaying or

d. Odor - Breeding mature animals of most species have
strong smelling urine, and rabbits are no exception.
Neutering or spaying your house rabbits should greatly
improve the atmosphere in your home.

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Tippy & Alfred had a few spare moments in between their play and
nap times and right before din din, they got their brilliant minds
together and determined to create this web page for your pleasure
about spaying and neutering of pet rabbits. Tippy & Alfred are both
spayed and neutered and they don't seem to mind at all.


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