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Stillbirth in pig happens just as it does with other animals, and
there is no way to completely prevent the problem. Piglets may be
born dead. Some suspected causes of stillbirth in pigs are: that
maybe the piglet had some genetic defect, the sow wasn't getting
enough nutrition and protein or a sickness or disease was passed
to the piglet while still in the womb. It is hard to understand
and sad to see occur.

In order to help prevent possible stillbirths the first thing you
should do is make sure that the pigs that you intend to breed
together are of good stock and aren't closely related. Also make
sure that they show no sign of disease and are in good health.

Take both the gilt and the sire to the veterinarian and have both
of them checked over for any health issues and to have their
shots updated. Do not breed two pigs together if one of them is
sick or has a disease that can be passed to the piglets.

Make sure that the gilt is in good health before she is bred and
that while she is pregnant that you give her a higher quality hog
feed with extra protein and plenty of fresh vegetables and even
some fruit as a treat. The major thing that helps to prevent
stillborn piglets is to make sure that the gilt is getting the
correct amount of food and higher protein to sustain her while
she is pregnant and while she is nursing, so that the piglets are
getting the best nutrition possible.

The care of a pregnant sow isn't that easy, and be sure that you
will know what you are doing when the sow gives birth. If you are
not capable or don't know what to do when the sow goes into labor
then be sure to let your veterinarian know so that he/she is
available at the time when the pig's delivery comes due so he or
she can be there to take care of any problems that may arise
despite your best efforts.

Often a stillbirth occurs because of the inexperience of the sow
and the folly of the person trying to help. Sometimes a piglet
isn't breathing when it is first born. In that case you can take
it in a towel and rub it briskly and it will usually start to
breath. Such a piglet just needs a little help, but if left too
late the piglet will never have a chance.

A sow can be very dangerous while giving birth, be sure to keep
your distance unless it is absolutely necessary that you
intervene to save the sow or the piglets. Read all the material
you can and talk with your veterinarian or have your veterinarian
help with the delivery if possible. Be ready for every
eventuality and have all the supplies that you need on hand. Give
your sow and piglets all the help you can during this delicate,
wonderful time and you should be rewarded with cute, healthy

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