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White and Sly as a Fox

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Artic Fox

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The Artic Fox - some Interesting information about
this Amazing animal

The Artic Fox lives in harsh very cold climates of the polar
regions of North America, Scandinavia to Siberia and northwards
almost to the North Pole. It is very good at resisting
the frigid temperatures and can survive temperatures of
up to 70 degrees below zero if needed.

Every part of the Artic Fox is built to help this creature
survive. The head is short to reduce heat loss, the ears are
fur lined, the paws have wool on the pads and the tail is
very bushy which the fox uses to wrap around it's legs
when lying down to keep them warm.

The Artic Fox is the only species in it's genus but it is
related to wolves. See our stuffed wolf page for more cool
stuff about them. It is also related to jackals, wild dogs,
coyotes and other foxes. See our stuffed coyote page.

Most Artic Foxes are white in the winter as camouflage for
the snow then become darker in the summer. In areas where
there is not that much snow, the Artic Fox will remain a
darker color year round.

The Artic Fox is a small animal only weighing up to 9 pounds.
They are very good hunters and will eat just about anything
they can find. If food is plentiful they will refrigerate their
prey in the snow for later use.

Reproduction is based on the availability of food. The more
plentiful the food, the more pups the mother fox will have.
They average around 10 but with good food can have up to 15.

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