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The Black-capped Chickadee

The Chickadee is one of the cutest North American birds
because of its proportions. It is shaped like and acts like
a bird from a cartoon or a children's book. The Chickadee is
curious about everything and everyone. It has a black head
and bib, white cheeks and a gray back, wings and tail. Its
creamy underside looks fluffy and is distinctive to this bird.

When you go into this bird's territory do not be surprised
if the Chickadee flies down on a nearby branch and inspects
you. They will also be quick to find any bird feeders that
you may put out. Because of this, a novice bird watcher will
quickly become familiar with this particular bird and learn
about it.

The Black-capped Chickadee is round with a big round head
and a little round body. It also has a long narrow tail and
a short bill. They are very cute and most people think of
them this way.

The coloring of the Black-capped Chickadee is a mostly a
creamy coloring except for the startling black on the head
and bib. The back is a soft gray as well as the wings, which
also have edging in white.

Underneath, the Black-capped Chickadee is a soft creamy
color that gets whiter towards the center of the bird. The
black cap ends past the eyes and it makes the small bright
black eyes hard to see.

As we said, the Chickadee will quickly find a bird feeder,
but won't stay on the feeder to eat. Rather it will take
some seed and eat it somewhere nearby. You may hear its
"Chick a dee dee" or "fee-bee-ee" call and know how it got
its name.

Chickadees are acrobatic flyers and when a flock of them are
migrating some of the aerial feats are quite amazing. You
may see them flying across a road one at a time, with a
bouncy flight pattern.

In its range of the northern United States and Canada you
can find the Chickadee almost anywhere there is a tree or
woody shrub. They have no real preference as to where they
live but seem to like to nest in a birch or alder tree. They
don't mind the encroachment of humans and will cheerily
watch you as you watch them.

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