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Plush Dolphins

that are Enchanting

and a Delight to have

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Everyone who purchases one of these Delightful
Plush Stuffed Dolphins are simply Amazed
at how Soft to the touch and Adorable they really are.

These stuffed plush Dolphins
are just as cute and loveable as a real Dolphin!

Brighten up your day with one of these Cheerful
Stuffed Dolphin toy animals.

13 inches long stuffed plush Dolphin

15 inches long plush stuffed Dolphin

"Splash" stuffed plush Dolphin
two sized available

Aren't they just so Cool and Amazing!

These Refreshingly Fun stuffed Dolphins will make
a high quality gift item - Educational for kids!
Fun for all.

How could anyone not feel special and loved
after the gift of one of these stuffed Dolphins?

Extra special care is taken to make sure you are
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Dolphins and porpoises are really small whales.
Along with the larger whales they belong to a group
of mammals which are called Cetacea, which literally
means whale or sea monster. About half of the cetaceans
are porpoises and dolphins.

The Bottlenose dolphin, shown above in the first
picture of the stuffed dolphins, is the most popular
dolphin. The bottlenose dolphins are usually the
kind you find in places like Sea World.

Bottlenose dolphins are easy to train and actually
warm up well to humans. They live fairly close to
the shore along the North American eastern coast lines.

Bottlenose dolphins range from 8 to 9 feet in length,
it is considered to be about an middle size for
whales. In contrast an Orca or Killer Whale
is the largest member of the whale family and
grows up to 23 feet long and can weigh from 7 to 10 tons.

Dolphins, like the orcas use echolocation,
which is a bouncing of sound off of objects to
determine their location, to hunt and use a series
of high-pitched clicks to stun prey.

Find out more about whales at our stuffed whale page.

A Bottlenose Dolphin was the star of a movie and
subsequent television series, both named "Flipper"

The 1963 film, "Flipper" starred Chuck Conners and
Luke Halpin. There was a sequel to the movie called
"Flipper's New Adventure where Brian Kelly replaced
Halpin. In the movie Flipper was depicted as being
a good bit more outstanding in intelligence than
Bottlenose Dolphins really are, but it was a lot
of fun to watch anyway.

In September 1964 the television show "Flipper"
first aired where it immediately became a hit with
the younger generation. The last airing was in April of 1967.

The star of the movie and TV show was a Bottlenose Dolphin
named Suzy, but when Suzy wanted to go on vacation or
just take a break, other female dolphins were brought
in named Patty, Kathy, Scotty and Squirt. These females
were in all scenes except Flipper's famous tail walk
where a stunt dolphin was brought in. He was a male
named Clown. It was found that females had a much
harder time performing this trick than the male dolphins.

The voice of Flipper was really the sound of a Kookaburra
bird that was altered somewhat to make it sound more
like a dolphin than a bird.

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