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Few animals look as Cute and Adorable as
a Raccoon does with it's sweet and sincere eyes
and it's Delightfully Colored tail. You will find these
Amazing Plush Stuffed Raccoons to be just as Precious.

You can't help but have an instant love affair

with these plush stuffed Raccoons

16 inches long plush stuffed Raccoon

13 inches long plush stuffed Raccoon

21 inches long plush stuffed Raccoon

So remarkably SOFT  plush  Raccoon toy animals
will make you feel Wonderful.

Now you can have your very own Stuffed Plush Raccoon
that will look absolutely great on your bed or used
as a decoration for the den or kid's room.

Stuffed Plush Raccoons are ready to join your party
so get yours by clicking on the Stuffed Ark symbol:

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Exceptional Raccoon Calendars

Some quick info on Raccoons

A raccoon's "mask" is the dark colored fur across it's face.
This mask helps the raccoon see better at night, the black
fur actually helps to filter out glare, white fur would
intensify the glare. Taking a lesson from the raccoon,
many football and baseball players put a dark streak of
paint under their eyes to help eliminate glare.

Raccoon are very adaptable creatures and live in a very
wide range across the United States and parts of
southern Canada. They live near creeks and streams and
near food supplies which may be anything from a farmer's
corn field to city garbage dumps and bins.
Raccoons love sweet corn, peanut butter and sardines.

On the farm when we raised sweet corn, the raccoons would
always know just the right moment the sweet corn was
ready and make their nightly raid. Trapping them was
the only option to save the sweet corn and we would
bait the traps with peanut butter and sardines which
always attracted them. We used box traps and would take
the coons many miles away and set them free in the
state game lands.

Tippy had a unique sense when there was a coon lurking
outside the house and many times in the middle of the
night she would wake up from sleep and start barking,
and there would be a raccoon outside. We would let
Tippy out and in a few minutes would have the coon
up a tree.

Raccoons have extremely sharp teeth but Tippy was agile
and smart enough to never have gotten bitten. When we first
moved to the farm in 1977 raccoon pelts were being sold
for $25 a pelt and we never had a problem with raccoons
because trappers would keep the population down. But
when the price on a pelt dropped to $5, the trappers
quit going out and the raccoons thrived. They have
little natural predators, most animals stay away from
raccoons despite their cute looks, and nothing
looks cuter than a raccoon staring at you with it's
so sweet and innocent face, they are still vicious
animals who fight with a vengeance.

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Page By: Tippy & Alfred. Tippy is very good at treeing raccoons on the farm.
But she thinks that these stuffed raccoons would be a lot of fun to
have around, and they won't bite either.