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The Roadrunner - the state bird of New Mexico.

The Greater Roadrunner, also known as the Chaparral Fowl, is
a North American bird from the Cuckoo family (Cuculidae) and
is a long-legged bird. It is one of two Roadrunner species
from the genus Geococcyx. The other species is the Lesser

The Greater Roadrunner is twenty-two inches (fifty-six
centimeters) in length and can weigh up to ten and a half
ounces (two hundred ninety-eight grams). It is the largest
of the North American Cuckoos.

The adult Greater Roadrunner has a long thick dark bill and
a bushy head crest. The head and back are dark and the tail
is very long and usually carried set at an upward angle.
It has pale colored plumage on the front of its neck and the
belly. On each of the Roadrunner's feet are four toes, two
that face backward and two that face forward.

Roadrunners prefer to breed in the shrubby country or desert
of the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico. It
can be seen in the United States of Arizona, California,
Colorado, Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Utah. It
has been seen, although rarely, in the states of Arkansas,
Louisiana and Missouri.

The Greater Roadrunner is a bird that walks or runs rapidly
about, snatching up its primarily animal prey. They mainly
feed on insects, rodents, scorpions, small birds, small
reptiles and tarantulas. They are also seen to jump and
catch insects or small birds.

Although the bird can fly for short distances, it prefers to
spend most of its time running along the ground. They can
run up to seventeen miles (twenty-seven kilometers) per
hour. Roadrunners are well known in popular culture for
their habit of catching and eating Rattlesnakes. They can be
seen running around with the snake hanging from the bill as
they swallow it in bits.

The Greater Roadrunner nests on a platform of sticks in a
bush or cactus and lays three to six eggs. The eggs hatch in
twenty days and the chicks fledge after eighteen days.
Occasionally a pair will rear a second brood of young in the
same year if there is adequate water in their habitat.

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