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Siamese Cats

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Siamese Cats

The traditional Siamese is Seal Point in color and mark. The
Seal is a seal brown coloring and the Point is the mark
pattern that covers the face, tail, forelegs and ears.
Siamese have long limbs and bodies with a light body
structure. They have good muscle tone and are very flexible
and athletic.

The head is small and triangular with a small pointed snout.
The eyes are oblique and almond shaped and typically blue in
color. Siamese have long necks and tails and large thin
ears. The hair is short, soft, fine, glossy and adheres
tight to the body.

Most Siamese originally were Seal Points, but now Siamese
are bred with Blue Points, Chocolate Points, and Lilac
Points. When these colorings first where shown in the
Siamese breed they were considered to be inferior Seal
Points, and they were not able to be shown. Now the
different point variations are accepted and can be shown.

Many breeders specifically breed the Siamese for specific
color points. The Siamese, because of its particular
coloring, has been crossbred out to a lot of other breeds
and is part of the foundation stock for many of the newer

In the United Kingdom all Siamese style cats with points are
considered to be a part of the Siamese breed. In the United
States, the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) says that only
Siamese with four different point colorations are considered
to be Siamese. Other cats with points are considered to be
Colorpoint Shorthairs.

One of the most talked about characteristics of a Siamese is
that they "talk". The Siamese cat has a very distinctive
voice and most of them will tell you about their day as they
follow you around the house. Siamese are very affectionate
and extroverted. They are also nervous and sensitive
creatures do not adapt well to change. These cats demand
your attention and companionship. And they usually bond to
one person and do not like to share.

Siamese are not independent and expect you to take care of
them. In fact because of their coloring that humans find
appealing they stand out, making it very hard for them to
hide or hunt. They aren't as active at night as most cats.
This may be because of the coloring of their eyes that makes
it harder for them to see at night. They may have reduced
hearing as well but they are not deaf.

Most cat fanciers either love or dislike Siamese cats. If
your vision of a cat is a pretty pussy lying in front of the
fire, you don't want a Siamese. But if you'd love a cat that
insists on being your best friend and is always
entertaining, check out the smart and eccentric Siamese.

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