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Talking about Sea

Birds the Tubenoses


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Tubenoses are sea birds coming only to shore only for breeding purposes.
Most are almost unable to walk on land. Many species visit their
remote breeding islands only at night.

Tubenoses nest in colonies.

They have external tubular nostrils, all have  hooked beaks.

The beaks are made up from several plates.
Wings are long and narrow; feet are webbed, and the hind toe is
undeveloped or non-existent.

Plumage is predominantly black or gray.

They feed on squid, fish and other marine life. Male and female are similar.

The name "tubenose" refers to a horny appendage which sits atop the
bill, whose function seems to relate to obtaining directional information
concerning airborne odors, allowing the birds to locate food in the
open ocean

Tubenoses are silent away from their breeding grounds.

Families of Tubenoses include:

Diving Petrels
Large Petrels

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