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Becoming familiar

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of Water Dragons

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Water Dragons are known as the most wise and introspective
of the dragons. They are very rare and very hard to find. If
you happen upon a Water Dragon consider it good luck, for
not always will they kill you outright.

Just as with most types of dragons, you can tell a Water
Dragon by the hue of its scales. The scales are all colored
in shades of blue, although they can have any pattern or
decoration. The most dangerous version of this type of
dragon is the Ice Dragon, which can spit shards of ice at
you that may either freeze you to death or skewer you on the

These dragons make their homes either in caves in the deeps
of the ocean or in ice caves that are in very cold and
remote places. They take very little interest in men or the
goings on of those that creep across the earth, they are
taken up with philosophy and pondering about the movements
of the universe.

If you happen upon on of the more intelligent Water Dragons
and live to get acquainted with it, you can spend the rest
of your life discussing issues such as the various gases
that make up a star and how they combust, or T Tauri stars
and stellar evolution. That will be the only thing that you
can do - if you are remotely intelligent - while pondering a
way to escape. For once a Water Dragon has you and is
interested in you, you will either be its companion for a
long time, in fact until death claims you, or you might
possibly outsmart it and escape.

Water Dragons are masters of their element and can affect
the climate of any region of the earth if they choose. If a
Water Dragon does bother to hoard, it will usually collect
items along the lines of books or scrolls, which makes them
a target of historians and mages. Sometimes a mage will fund
an expedition to find a Water Dragon's lair and take from it
their precious books. That is a very bad idea. Should the
Quest be successful in arriving at the lair of a Water
Dragon, the dragon likely will not only kill the entire
party but may even track down anyone ever associated with
that mage and kill them too.

Water Dragons are actually slow to anger but when they do
get angry watch out, they know how to extend death out over
years; and will, depending upon what they want from you.
Sometimes they will even turn you into a science experiment
for the dual purpose of punishing you and observing where
the experiment goes.

If you happen upon a Water Dragon by accident it is best to
act as stupid as possible and it may just let you live
because you are beneath its notice. Just keep you mouth shut
and leave as soon as possible. Don't be rude, for they may
kill you for not observing decorum. There is a fine balance
required in escaping an encounter with a Water Dragon. Act
dumb but not too dumb, and not so that it's obvious that you
are acting. Good Luck!

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