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Special Nutritional Needs for the Affenspinscher Dog Breed
By: Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

The Affenspinscher is a terrier in a compact toy body.
His love of play makes him a candidate for portion
controlled free feeding.

Natural anti anxiety supplements may be needed
when required.

Go easy on the fattening treats, and be serious
about his exercise to keep him in prime condition.

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The Affenpinscher
By: Tippy & Alfred

The Affenpinscher is commonly named the "Monkey Dog" because
of his monkey-like "pushed in" face shape and his curious
personality. It is a small, wire-haired, terrier-type toy
dog that was probably bred to rid the farm of rodents. In
France the breed is called "the mustached little devil."

The Affenpinscher breed standard calls for a square, sturdy,
compact, neat but shaggy dog that stands nine and one half
to eleven and one half inches at the withers. The ears are
short and may be erect or dropped.

The coat is dense, rough and wiry and up to one inch long
along the shoulders and body. Adult Affenpinschers have a
cape or mane of longer hair that stands up around the head
and frames the face, and longer eyebrows, beard and
moustache, which contribute to the monkey-like appearance.

Affenpinschers may be colored any color from beige through
red, gray, black and tan to all black. Color is not a major
consideration, but there should not be large white patches.

This feisty little dog displays many of the personality
traits and characteristics of the terriers, such as hunting
mice relentlessly and alerting its family to the arrival of
strangers or to possible danger, but it is now classed as a
toy dog and is primarily kept as a house pet or companion

And the Affenpinscher is well-suited to be both companion
and clown for the person who appreciates them and knows how
to be the leader of the pack. They are highly intelligent,
very playful and mischievous, courageous and strong-willed.
They love their family and are good with children if well-
trained. They are not noisy dogs unless threatened or
attacked, but they will bark a warning when someone arrives.

There doesn't seem to be a clear history of how the
Affenpinscher originated. It appears to be related to the
Brussels Griffon and probably to most of the small terriers
of Europe. The breed is believed to have originated in
Germany as a farm dog and ratter, and later was bred smaller
to be a house pet during the 1700's.

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