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American Quarter Horse racing is a tradition in America. The
Quarter horse is the one of the fastest horses out there. Plus
is a favorite for all sorts of timed horse competitions
including barrel racing and horse show jumping.

Horse racing has a long history both in the United States
and abroad. Archeological records show that there were horse
races in ancient Babylon, Syria and Egypt. Chariot and
mounted horse racing date back to 648 BC.

The American Quarter Horse Association offers racing awards
in age and gender divisions. In addition to annual awards for
American Quarter Horse Racers there are also three Lifetime
Awards that racing Quarter Horses can earn.

There are many places you can go to see Quarter Horse races.
You can also watch many American Quarter Horse race videos
online and through services that also allow you to bet on
the races. Whether you are watching for fun or wagering a
little, watching American Quarter Horse Racing is a very
enjoyable pastime.

The American Quarter Horse racing national championship is
called the "Bank of America Racing Challenge." The "Bank of
America Racing Challenge" is comprised of a series of sixty
races in North and South America and this single competition
gives out nearly six million dollars in purse awards and
other bonuses.

Betting on American Quarter Horse Races is regulated by the
state in which the racetrack is located, so the rules vary
from place to place. On average the state withholding on
winnings is about 17% but as stated, that does vary from
state to state.

One reason American Quarter Horse Racing is so popular is
because the Quarter Horse is such a beloved horse breed.
American Quarter Horses are called the Super Athletes of
horses, and they have held their high place in the hearts of
Americans for generations.

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