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Skin Problems

Peppy Pets Online Petzine
April 02, 03

The Veterinarian Speaks on Dog & Cat Skin Problems
From Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

Dr. Bicks recommends her Skin & Coat Formula
for Dogs & Cats. The Skin & Coat Formula has been clinically
tested in over 40 veterinary Clinics, and proven effective
based on six years and thousands of satisfied users.

Does Your Dog or Cat Suffer From:

* Irritated Skin
* Excessive Itching
* Scratching & Biting
* Flaky Skin
* Dry or Oily Coat
* Excessive shedding
* Odorous skin
* Dull or brittle coat
* Allergies

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Buster, Sequilla, Turbo Bunny and Rolly Ball

I cannot tell you about just one, for I have been overly
blessed. Please "bear" with me and I will make these as
short as possible :-).

Buster, my Black Lab came to my rescue when Rolly Ball came
to us at the tender age of 2-3 days old. He immediately
took over the duties of "Mom". The only time I was allowed
to take care of her was to feed her a bottle. Then he would
take over. He would carry her everywhere until she said
ENOUGH! Then he would put her on the floor and roll her
where he wanted her to go. Hence the name "Rolly Ball.

Rolly has since raised two rats. Garth lived for 5 1/2
years and "Mouse" just left us in December. He was almost 4
years old. They were inseparable

Then we had Turbo Bunny that had the run of the house and
was litter box trained. Our fondest memories of him are
that he was happiest raising baby chicks.

Now enters Sequilla. She was my 30 year old Paint mare that
passed away last November. She and my Mother (who passed
away 2 weeks prior) are waiting for us at the Rainbow
The reason she is so special??? Without her
wonderful spirit and heart, I would have not had the courage
to even attempt the very long, painful road to recovery
after open heart surgery and 2 months in a coma. She
somehow made me see that as much as I needed her... my son
needed me.

God Bless all who open their hearts and homes to the His


Karen Schurr

After loosing our pet cat, Tigger to liver disease, we looked
for a new kitten. It was winter and kittens weren't to be
found. We looked for a new friend in 2 states, IL and WI.
In a Wisconsin shelter we found Dusty. She was a sick kitty
about 4 months old. She had ringworm and a "kitty cold". We
waited 2 months and then took her home to IL.

She was treated by our Vet. After another 4 months she
recovered her fur and her health. It took another few
months to gain her trust. She must have been mistreated
before the shelter.

Dusty is now the most loving, beautiful cat I have ever
known. She never bites, scratches or hisses at anyone. She
steals everyone's heart that meets her. She is a favorite
at the Vet's when she visits for her annual checkup.

The moral of this story is: Take a chance on an older kitty
from a shelter. They will repay your love and kindness ten

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